John Metta

John Metta has worked as a cook, groundskeeper, store clerk, park ranger, Navy submariner, Army wartime medic, hydrologist, school teacher, software developer, mathematical modeller, and underwater archaeologist. Before any of these jobs, and during them all, he was writing. Always writing.

US Elections 2016

The foul stench of fascism in the US

"White America may be shocked by the election of Donald Trump, but black and brown America smelt it coming."

United States

Luke Cage: How a black boy became a superhero

As an African American boy growing up in The Projects, discovering positive black characters helped to save my life.

US Elections 2016

US elections: This is not a time for jokes

If you believe in America, if you love this country, then the founding ideals are what you should be fighting for.

Arts & Culture

50 Cent, Johnny Cash and the history of hip-hop

"Hip-hop is a manifestation of black culture as vital, valuable, strong and self-determining."


Racism in the US - the melting pot is boiling

Could the proudly racist rhetoric of local and national leaders be the final fight of a white supremacy that is dying?


Race in the US: What if your identity was a lie?

"There are no qualifiers to my blackness, and I will never again be Not Black Enough. I am a black man, and I am angry."