John D McHugh

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Afghanistan: Zombie nation?

We explore the rapidly growing drug addiction problem in Afghanistan which produces 90 percent of the world's opiates.

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In pictures: A tale of three cities

We investigate how three key Afghan cities are being affected by the gradual withdrawal of American troops.

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In Pictures - Afghanistan: Drawdown

As the US draws back its combat forces from Afghanistan, what will they leave behind?

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Afghanistan: Holding the line

What are the challenges facing the Afghan army as it prepares to take over responsibility for the country's security?

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In pictures: Kabul - A city of hope and fear

Filmmaker John D McHugh spent three weeks in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, speaking to the people in the streets about their hopes and fears for the future.


Slideshow: Life at Checkpoint 2.5

This tiny US outpost in Kunar is one of the most remote and vulnerable - just 600 metres away from a Taliban stronghold.