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Battle for Mosul

Mosul strike survivors: 'There were pieces of bodies'

Dozens of civilians died in a recent coalition strike aimed at killing an ISIL commander in Mosul, residents say.


Kurds in Iraq ring in the new year

The ancient festival of Newroz marks the first day of spring and the vernal equinox.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul: ISIL's human shields

Civilians fleeing Mosul spoke of hiding in basements and surviving on rotten bread for days as fighting raged.

Battle for Mosul

Hunting down ISIL sleeper cells in Mosul

Since retaking eastern Mosul from ISIL, Iraqi security forces have been working to apprehend the remaining fighters.

Battle for Mosul

ISIL ramps up fight with weaponised drones

In addition to using drones for reconnaissance in Iraq, ISIL has been sending them out with bombs attached.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul residents 'won't leave' despite dire conditions

Seven weeks into the Mosul operation, the remaining residents struggle for basics of survival.

Battle for Mosul

How ISIL destroyed Nimrud

Nimrud is one of many archaeological treasures in Iraq which has suffered under ISIL control.

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Fears of sectarian tension as PMUs close in on Tal Afar

The future of Turkmen-majority Tal Afar and PMUs' actions could alter the outcome of the battle for Mosul.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul: ISIL's innocent victims

Iraqi medics on Mosul frontline say growing proportion of the patients they treat are non-combatants.

Battle for Mosul

Life after ISIL on the outskirts of Mosul

Thousands of civilians have made their way out of the city towards newly built IDP camps to the east.

Battle for Mosul

The battle for Mosul: Inside ISIL's bomb-making factory

Iraqi and Kurdish forces are unable to cope with the volume of explosive ordnance left behind by ISIL.

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Iraq's Yazidis living in fear on Mount Sinjar

Two years after ISIL massacres, the ancient Yazidi religious minority remains on the mountain where they fled.