Jennifer Glasse

Jennifer Glasse has been an international correspondent since 1993.


Female cyclists face challenges in Afghanistan

Obstacles exist few and far in between for women wanting to achieve their dreams of representing the country.

Poverty & Development

Female governor tries to empower Afghan women

Seema Joyenda wants to bring more prosperity and improve women's rights in one of the country's most isolated provinces.

Arts & Culture

Afghan graffiti artist strives to beautify Kabul

Kabir Mokamel and his supporters plan to make war-torn city the graffiti capital of the world, one mural at a time.


Political stalemate driving Afghans mad

A hundred days after Ashraf Ghani took office, a cabinet has yet to be formed and many people are growing impatient.


Inside Afghanistan's army officer academy

As NATO forces wind down deployments, first-ever school to train military leaders gears up.


Afghan deja vu: Abdullah to run for president

Former foreign minister plans to run again, pledging to clean up corruption and be responsive to Afghans' needs.


Battle wounds on display at Kandahar hospital

As the Afghan army assumes more responsibility, there is an uptick in the number of casualties within their ranks.


Eastern Afghanistan struggles for power

Being supplied with electricity in Jalalabad requires both political and grid connections.


Afghan archaeology site faces rocky future

Ancient ruins of Mes Aynak threatened by planned Chinese mining project.


Disabled swimmers make a splash in Kabul

Afghanistan's largest indoor swimming pool is helping youths, including those with no arms, learn to enjoy the water.

Poverty & Development

Afghan female governor breaks new ground

Expectations are running high in remote region as first woman to head Afghan district promises to bring change.


Afghan businessmen wary of the future

Local businessmen struggle to keep their factories going amid violence and tax hikes.