Jennifer Glasse

Jennifer Glasse has been an international correspondent since 1993.


Substitute of hospital bombed in error by US opens in Afghanistan

A new outpatient clinic has opened in northern Afghanistan, near the site of a hospital which was mistakenly bombed by US warplanes almost two years ago.


Afghanistan saves children abducted to train as suicide bombers

Police in Afghanistan have rescued dozens of boys who say they were being sent to Pakistan to train as suicide bombers.


Kabul's American University students defiant despite violence

The American University of Afghanistan has held a graduation ceremony despite killings and kidnappings over the past year.


All-girl Afghan robotics team granted US visas

All-girl Afghan robotics team that travelled hundreds of kilometres through the conflict-torn country to get visas for a US competition have finally been granted travel permission by the US government.


Afghanistan anti-corruption court begins work in Kabul

A new court to tackle Afghanistan's huge corruption problem has begun operating in Kabul. Bribes and embezzlement worth hundreds of millions of dollars have destroyed trust in the government. Al Jazeera’s Jennifer Glasse reports from Kabul.


Denied US visas: All-girl Afghan robotics team still seek answers

Al Jazeera has caught up with the six teenage girls from Afghanistan who have been denied visas to travel to the US for an international robotics competition.


Afghanistan: Peace conference opens in Kabul amid violence

A rocket attack has targeted an Indian embassy complex in Afghanistan but there were no injuries. It was just a few kilometres from a peace conference, where the president confirmed a rise in Wednesday's bomb blast death toll to more than 150.


Female cyclists face challenges in Afghanistan

Obstacles exist few and far in between for women wanting to achieve their dreams of representing the country.

Poverty & Development

Female governor tries to empower Afghan women

Seema Joyenda wants to bring more prosperity and improve women's rights in one of the country's most isolated provinces.

Arts & Culture

Afghan graffiti artist strives to beautify Kabul

Kabir Mokamel and his supporters plan to make war-torn city the graffiti capital of the world, one mural at a time.


Political stalemate driving Afghans mad

A hundred days after Ashraf Ghani took office, a cabinet has yet to be formed and many people are growing impatient.


Inside Afghanistan's army officer academy

As NATO forces wind down deployments, first-ever school to train military leaders gears up.