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Human Rights

Poster child for CIA torture to appear in hearing

Abu Zubaydah appeals for transfer from Guantanamo


Pakistanis describe 'hell' of Bagram base detention

Dozens of Pakistanis held by the US in Afghanistan were repatriated, but struggle to put their lives back together.

Guantanamo Bay

Tortured Saudi pleads for transfer from Guantanamo

Alleged 20th September 11 attacks hijacker asks review board for freedom as the US admits his torture at naval prison.

Guantanamo Bay

Best-selling author pleads to be freed from Guantanamo

After 14 years in US incarceration, Mauritanian detainee has first hearing on Thursday seeking his release.


Iraq: Abu Ghraib victims fight for US justice

Four Iraqis who allege they suffered torture by a US military contractor are battling for retribution in a civil court.

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo: The last-chance hearings

Upcoming detainee reviews highlight the plight of dozens of men languishing in US prison, some for more than 15 years.


Hurdles ahead as Obama bids to shut Guantanamo prison

The US president acknowledges tough task but says he is committed to closing detention facility despite opposition.

Arts & Culture

Iraqi-American artist aims to rebuild book collection

Wafaa Bilal launches Kickstarter campaign to replace destroyed art library of Baghdad's College of Fine Arts.

Human Rights

Freed Guantanamo detainees: Where are they now?

Many inmates are imprisoned in their home countries after being released, while others start new lives.


Prisoners in Guantanamo not 'too dangerous' after all

Majority of prisoners considered too dangerous for release have been recommended for transfer from facility on appeal.

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo's 'forever' prisoners and a broken promise

Release of Saudi man after nearly 14 years in US naval prison highlights the plight of 114 other detainees left behind.

War & Conflict

Guantanamo hunger striker nearing death

Tariq Ba Odah has not been eating voluntarily since 2007.