Jacqueline Head

US & Canada

French sex scandal to break public taboo

Accusations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn look set to change society's opinion on keeping politicians' lives private.


Bin Laden's death dominates front pages

Newspapers around the globe focus on al-Qaeda chief's end and question why he remained undetected for so long


Death fails to bring hope to Afghans

While many welcome the news of bin Laden's death, some residents of Kabul and beyond are left with little to celebrate.


Nigeria: Ripe for a WikiLeaks revolution?

Leaked cables helped expose high-level corruption, but will those revelations impact upcoming elections?


Fear of the future in Yemen

As the opposition movement gains momentum, concerns are raised over who or what could take over from president Saleh.


Debating the no-fly zone

Could military intervention in Libya help pro-democracy protesters or would it lead to bigger problems?


The Arab world's 1989 revolution?

As protests sweep Arab nations and reach fever pitch in Egypt, are we seeing a revolution of Soviet bloc proportions?


Anger on the streets of London

Al Jazeera finds student protesters divided over the violent actions of some of those demonstrating against rising fees.


Britain's age of apathy?

A raft of tough austerity measures have gone largely unchallenged by the UK public, Al Jazeera examines why.


The dangers posed by red sludge

Al Jazeera examines the threat posed to people and the environment following a toxic waste spill in Hungary.


Britain's 'cross-border' election

Campaign attempts to change democracy by letting Britons give their vote to people overseas.

Science & Technology

How social media aided the stranded

Passengers went online for help amid travel chaos, with some creative results.