Jacinda Townsend


How to close the educational achievement gap in the US

An initiative is closing the gap between African American students and their peers by recognising collectivist culture.

September 11

I remember the day ... 9/11: An American perspective

The author was preparing for her wedding on 9/11. What followed was a journey through the US and the American psyche.

Women's Rights

US: Parenting in a country with no paid maternity leave

The US is the only industrialised country that does not guarantee some form of paid maternity leave after childbirth.

Women Make Change

Meet the woman freeing Mauritania's slaves

In a country where slavery can be as much a psychological state as a physical one, Salimata Lam tackles it holistically.

US & Canada

Tragedies to question, tragedies to ignore

When a white male shoots people, we ask why, but no explanations are needed when the killers are Muslim.