Ioana Moldovan

Poverty & Development

Quake survivors spend second winter in temporary homes

Nearly two years on, the reconstruction of thousands of houses destroyed by the deadly quake remains stalled.


Romania protests: Voices from the street

Thousands demonstrating even after government repealed a decree that would have spared corrupt officials from jail.


Romania Protests: A family's fight

A day in the life of a Romanian family who are taking to the streets each night for the future of their children.


Protests surge as Romania decriminalises corruption

Hundreds of thousands decry measures that decriminalise graft offences as judicial watchdog announces court challenge.


Poisoned Jasmine

Six years after the Jasmine Revolution, four Tunisians tell Al Jazeera how their lives have changed.


Romania elections broken promises

Romania's countryside people - far from the promises that came with each elections

Humanitarian crises

Afghan refugees stranded in Serbia

As winter approaches and policies continue to harden against them, life for refugees becomes more difficult in Europe.


The 'Cinemobile' bringing movies to Romanian villages

Tudor Baciu drives around the Romanian countryside with his 'Cinemobile', screening films in villages with no cinemas.


Ukraine: nuclear power and the dark shadow of Chernobyl

Thirty years after the Chernobyl disaster, nuclear menace of ageing Soviet era power plants hides in plain sight.


Ukraine: Traumatised by war and PTSD

On the front line of Ukraine's battle against PTSD, with war veterans, psychologists, priests and volunteers.

War & Conflict

The story of one Ukrainian teenager's escape from war

When his mother disappeared and separatist fighters threatened him to join them or die, he knew he had to leave Ukraine.

War & Conflict

A refugee New Year in a Greek anarchist shelter

Refugees and asylum seekers sheltered in a former tax office in the Athens Exarcheia neighbourhood on New Year's Eve.