Heather Tan


Singapore smog casts diplomatic cloud

Haze from burning palm oil plantations in Indonesia has left the two nations at loggerheads over pollution.


Singapore struggles to control cyberspace

A new policy aimed at regulating websites in Singapore has drawn criticism and revived censorship debates.


Trial highlights slew of Singapore scandals

Many Singaporeans are alarmed by a surge of corruption cases, but some see it as a sign their justice system is working.

US & Canada

Singapore mystery death stokes speculation

US-Singapore ties fray as parents of American engineer reportedly engaged in top-secret research reject suicide claims.


Singapore seethes over population plan

Proposal to boost city state's population prompts rare protest, signalling growing dissent over influx of foreigners.

Business & Economy

Singapore strikes shed light on workers' woes

Strikes by migrant workers in the Southeast Asian nation are exposing fault lines in the country's social fabric.


Death penalty debate divides Singapore

Reform of capital punishment laws leaves many questioning the balance of leniency for criminals and justice for victims.