Hannah McNeish


Swaziland and HIV: Redrawing what it means to be a man

In a country with the highest HIV rate, notions of male pride and responsibility stop men getting diagnosed and treated.


Malawi's fearsome chief, terminator of child marriages

Chief Kachindamoto has broken up 850 child marriages in three years, and banned the sexual initiations of young girls.


Malawi empowers children to fight sexual abuse

Rape is Malawi's most reported crime. Ujamaa initiative is helping schoolkids defend themselves against perpetrators.


Bangladesh: Free heart surgery for poor children

British charities bring experts to provide free surgeries and train local staff to treat congenital heart disease.


Fixing congenital heart disease for Bangladesh's poor

Bangladesh charities save little hearts by bringing foreign experts to provide free surgeries and train local staff.

Poverty & Development

The endangered lifeline of Madagascar's sharks

Over-fishing threatens not only the survival of shark species, but also impoverished fishing communities in Madagascar.

War & Conflict

Burying the dead in South Sudan

Marauding fighters, disease, and hunger have become a way of life at the beleaguered United Nations base in Bentiu.

War & Conflict

Reliving the rape camps of South Sudan's civil war

Government forces are accused of stealing women and girls for sex slavery during the bloody two-year conflict.


Kenya: Race against time to save the last white rhinos

On World Rhino Day, the only northern white male left in the world is desperately trying to save his subspecies.

Human Rights

Brutal black magic in Tanzania's election

To ensure success, politicians are said to seek out witchdoctors who use albino body parts to work their 'magic'.

War & Conflict

Western Sahara's struggle for freedom cut off by a wall

Tucked away behind the second-largest wall in the world, an African independence struggle forgotten by the world.

Humanitarian crises

Wasting away in Burundi

More than half of the east African country's children under five have stunted growth because of a lack of food.