Hafsa Adil


Mirza Waheed: 'Violence will not end Kashmir conflict'

The Kashmiri author discusses the conflict in Kashmir and the rise of Hindu nationalism in India.


'Modi is God's gift to Pakistan security establishment'

Pakistani novelist Mohammed Hanif talks about shrinking freedoms, liberal voices and human rights in Balochistan.


A village ails after Pakistani fishermen's arrest

The lives of the many who rely on the 26 fishermen who were arrested after straying into Indian waters are now at risk.


Pakistan's PIA probes 'standing passengers' incident

International flight of Pakistan's national carrier with seven passengers on board without seats comes under scrutiny.


Cricket: Pakistan legend Hanif Mohammed dies in Karachi

Former batsman, 81, was suffering from lung cancer and was on ventilator at a Karachi hospital.


Remembering Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan

The Bhutto family's mausoleum has become a symbol for supporters of the political dynasty.


Pakistanis and Indians unite to feed the poor

The Robin Hood Army collects excess food and delivers it to those who aren't sure where their next meal will come from.


Pakistan: Laws fail to check violence against women

Legislators and religious scholars accused of being in denial as incidents of domestic and sexual violence remain high.


FIFA to set up worker welfare body for Qatar 2022

FIFA chief visits host country for the football World Cup which is under the spotlight for its human rights record.

Science & Technology

Pakistan cybercrime bill raises free-speech questions

Activists criticise law hurriedly passed in parliament's lower house and aimed at preventing and criminalising offences.


Yemen's healthcare system confronts mounting burden

Hundreds of healthcare facilities in the war-torn country have been rendered nonfunctional, as casualty numbers rise.


Chauhan: Planting the Indian flag in English football

India's female footballer fights for recognition and a visa that allows her to follow her dreams.