Geoffrey Aronson

Geoffrey Aronson writes about Middle East affairs. He consults with a variety of public and private institutions dealing with regional political, security, and development issues.

Syria's Civil War

Russia, Israel and Iran braced for the endgame in Syria

Russia may soon find it impossible to pursue a policy in Syria that accommodates Israel as well as its enemies.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Don't blame Trump for tiring of the two-state solution

A two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was in dire straits long before Trump's presidency.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

The UN settlement resolution is too little and too late

Palestinians know that they have been offered only stale crumbs from the UN Security Council's table.

Middle East

How Barack Obama failed to stop Israeli settlements

The beginning of Obama's failed policies in the Middle East was his inability to stop Israeli settlements.

War & Conflict

Is America on the right side of history?

America sees conflicts shaded in black or white and avoids all complex and nuanced ambiguities.

US Elections 2016

The American system mobilises to save itself - again

The establishment is rousing itself to protect the system, this time from political rather than economic calamity.


Sisi faces the uncertain promise of Suez

The history of the canal offers a cautionary legacy to those hoping to win Egypt a good place in international economy.


The liberation of Mosul is a deja vu all over again

Washington's claim to knowing what needs to be done is betrayed by its recent record in Iraq.

War & Conflict

Hamas is firmly in power, but it has yet to deliver

Israel has evolved a respect for Hamas forces and a practical preference for Hamas' continued rule in Gaza.

Middle East

Netanyahu, Sisi and zero problems diplomacy

Mahmoud Abbas certainly has every reason to be depressed about the current state of affairs.

War & Conflict

Fabricating facts: An old-fashioned political tool

Simply preventing Israel from continuing to pursue its objective of creating facts misses the point.


Tourism: It's more than a few umbrellas on a beach

It would not be an exaggeration to say that tourism is the lifeblood of the Egyptian economy - especially in Sinai.