Gamal Gasim

Middle East

Analysis: Beyond the fragile peace in Aden

Will a new round of talks end the war in Yemen?

Middle East

Analysis: The battle for Taiz

The liberation of Taiz could represent the real beginning of an end to this tragic war.

War & Conflict

Analysis: What now for Yemen?

Time is running out for the both sides in the Yemen conflict.

War & Conflict

Analysis: What the Riyadh conference failed to address

The worst humanitarian crisis facing Yemen continues to affect millions of citizens as fighting resumes.

War & Conflict

Analysis: Yemen's crisis - the beginning of the end?

The Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen have not radically changed the political reality on the ground.

War & Conflict

Analysis: The man who could save Yemen

Khaled Bahah's appointment as vice president is the first step towards a political solution in war-torn Yemen.

War & Conflict

Analysis: Boots on the ground in Yemen? Think again

Saudi-led coalition must carefully consider the serious implications of a ground incursion in Yemen.

Humanitarian crises

Analysis: Yemen needs hope not bombs

The mounting number of civilian casualties is raising fears over an already deteriorated humanitarian situation.


Analysis: Yemen's shifting political alliances

Saudi-led air strikes are complicating the delicate partnership between former president Saleh and Houthi rebels.

War & Conflict

Analysis: Can GCC military intervention save Yemen?

The Houthis will definitely react forcefully to any potential GCC military intervention.

War & Conflict

Yemen strife threatens neighbours too

The continued political chaos and uncertainty is likely to increase the potential for violence in the country.


Analysis: Can Aden replace Sanaa in Yemen?

The defence minister is joining 'Hadi's camp' in Aden, currently considered the country's de facto capital.