Faras Ghani

Faras Ghani is a deputy online editor at Al Jazeera English. He is also author of the book 'Champions, again'.

Humanitarian crises

Veeru Kohli: A bonded labourer who took on the Bhuttos

Veeru Kohli now works to eradicate this form of slavery in Pakistan, home to about two million bonded labourers.

Arts & Culture

Pakistan: Can a three-day conference really save Mohenjodaro?

Researchers, archaeologists and journalists were present in numbers at this ancient site in Pakistan. But are talks and discussions what the 4,000-year-old site really needs?

Arts & Culture

Pakistan's Moenjodaro is crumbling away

Falling tourist numbers, lack of facilities and neglect mean the archaeological site in Pakistan is taking a hit.


Q&A: Iranian chess player Sara Khadem

Sara Khadem, who won her first major title aged 12, talks of a sport gaining popularity among young people in Iran.


Cricket beyond boundaries

Away from the glamour and glitz, cricket is played by those less abled and less privileged than their idols.

Humanitarian crises

Tharparkar: The history and culture amid catastrophe

Away from the misery, the region boasts a rich cultural and religious heritage.


Pakistan's electronic media faces ethics questions

After PIA plane crash, broadcast media is accused of encouraging sensationalism for ratings instead of good reporting.

United States

Kaepernick anthem snub highlights 'structural racism'

NFL's Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for national anthem in protest of oppression against people of colour in US.


The woman turning rubbish into homes in Pakistan

Latif has been using plastic to create shelters, reservoirs and mobile toilets. Now, she wants the world to take notice.


Tharparkar: Pakistan's ongoing catastrophe

Children are dying at an alarming rate here but underneath the numbers lie tales of a region neglected and in ruins.


Remembering Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan

The Bhutto family's mausoleum has become a symbol for supporters of the political dynasty.


Pakistanis and Indians unite to feed the poor

The Robin Hood Army collects excess food and delivers it to those who aren't sure where their next meal will come from.