Eric Reidy

Middle East

EU-Turkey refugee deal puts smuggling on pause

In Izmir, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, the crackdown on smuggling boats has frustrated refugees and locals alike.


Does new economic bill threaten Tunisia's revolution?

Proposed legislation could grant amnesty to many who benefitted from the previous regime, critics say.


Tunisia's economy 'waiting for a miracle'

Mass unemployment is gripping Tunisia's troubled mining regions, while the country's tourism sector gets a major blow.


Tunisia's torture victims hope for justice at hearings

A new commission will be reviewing the cases of victims of Tunisia's past regimes, yet some doubt its potential.

Humanitarian crises

Asylum seekers eye Europe from Tunisia's shores

Desperate and vulnerable, many attempting the deadly journey from Africa to Europe end up in Tunisia after boats sink.

Poverty & Development

Southern Tunisians protest economic marginalisation

Residents of Tunisia's border town of Dehiba struggle to make a living amid governmental neglect and illegal trade.

War & Conflict

Tunisia museum attack will worsen economic woes

Tunisians fear consequences of the museum attack on the economy and democratic transition.


Tunisia unity government stirs crisis in leading party

Nidaa Tounes is still managing the fallout after parliament approved a unity government including rival party Ennahda.

War & Conflict

Questioning freedom of speech in Tunisia

The recent trials of a controversial blogger and a film-maker have highlighted the need for legal reform in Tunisia.

Middle East

Tunisia transitional justice faces obstacles

Human rights advocates fear there will be a backsliding on transitional justice process under the new president.

Human Rights

Syrian students in Lebanon stuck in limbo

For many on the cusp of graduating university, Syria's civil war has shaped the course of their education and future.


Starving to death in Syria's Yarmouk camp

Fighting has cut off food and medical supplies to 18,000 desperate refugees.