Duncan Tucker

Duncan Tucker is a British freelance journalist based in Guadalajara, Mexico. 


Mexico's Colima state: The drug war flashpoint

Once a calm place, today Colima is at the centre of the drug war where cartels battle over key smuggling routes.

Poverty & Development

Mexico drug war fuels private security boom

Business has been booming since 2006, yet insiders and security experts warn that the industry is rife with corruption.


The Mexican shelter helping desperate migrants

A shelter in Mexico offers migrants a chance to eat, wash and rest as they brave the dangerous journey to the US.


Parking cars on the edges of Mexico's informal sector

Some say they extort money, but franeleros insist they are just trying to make a living in Mexico's informal economy.

Human Rights

Desperate relatives denounce disappearances in Mexico

Jalisco state officials accused of failing to act on disappearances, but families continue to demand those missing.


Murdering Mexican women with impunity

A woman is killed every four hours in Mexico, where domestic violence in the patriarchal society rages on.


New-age circuses after Mexico bans animals

Cruelty concerns usher in new animal ban with robots now taking centre stage at circus performances.

Business & Economy

Mexican microbreweries confront beer giants

Craft breweries see rising sales, challenging large corporations for a bigger taste of Mexico's $20bn beer market.

US & Canada

All aboard unsafe buses in Mexico

Bus drivers and passengers in Guadalajara are alarmed by 'grave problem' of unsafe public transport.

Business & Economy

Business as usual for Mexico's drug trade

The arrest of drug lord 'Chapo' Guzman raises the spectre of increased violence between rival cartels.

Latin America

Mexico's gay rights movement gaining ground

Despite a shift in public opinion, gay couples remain unable to marry throughout most of the country.


Are Mexico's Zapatista rebels still relevant?

Twenty years after the uprising, activists say Zapatistas have influenced radical movements around the world.