Djamila Ould Khettab

Middle East

Algeria votes amid expected low turnout

Despite fierce government campaign, many Algerians are more worried about rising costs of living than by poll outcome.


Anger brewing in Algeria's sullen south

Algeria's Saharan region has massive reserves of oil and gas - but locals claim they are not reaping the benefits.

Middle East

First internet addiction rehab clinic opens in Algeria

Health experts at the new clinic agree that internet overuse has emerged as a national issue.

Middle East

Algerian media faces 'hostile environment'

Detention of two television executives is part of the state's efforts to intimidate and silence media, journalists say.

Middle East

Algeria economy: 'The worst is to come'

Without broader reforms, experts say Algeria's economy will continue to deteriorate amid the slump in global oil prices.


Algeria set to approve new constitution

Draft document promises a more democratic system, but critics and opposition parties doubt any real change is imminent.

Middle East

French Algerians return to parents' native land

In recent years, many French entrepreneurs of Algerian descent have moved to Algiers to launch businesses.

War & Conflict

Algeria a 'symbolic target' for ISIL

Attacks by armed groups in Algeria have declined in recent years as the country ramps up its anti-terrorism fight.

Middle East

The 'Black Decade' still weighs heavily on Algeria

Ten years after amnesty deal, relatives of civil war victims say Algeria has failed to reach national reconciliation.

Human Rights

Q&A: What really happened to Algeria's Harkis

Most of the indigenous allies of France stayed in post-war Algeria, contrary to popular belief, author Pierre Daum says.


Q&A: Ali Benflis' take on Algerian politics

Ali Benflis reflects on the alleged "void in power", the democratic transition and Algeria's economic issues.


Algeria's opposition flares up amid fracking plans

The Saharan town of Ain Salah has become a hotbed of opposition to government plans to drill for natural gas.