Diana Al Rifai

Diana is a journalist covering the Middle East, mainly covering politics, human rights, the refugee crisis and the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Prior to working at Al Jazeera, she was an assistant producer at Deutsche Welle in Berlin. She has previously worked at the American Academy in Berlin and worked with several NGO's helping Syrian refugees in Lebanon,Turkey and internally displaced people inside Syria.

Diana holds a BA in international affairs and a minor in political science from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. She is currently working on achieving her Master's degree in International Relations from the Freie Universitat in Berlin.

Middle East

Air strike destroys hospital in Idlib's Maaret al-Numan

Russia accused of bombing central hospital in Maaret al-Numaan in Idlib province, injuring several people.

War & Conflict

Syrian refugee crisis in numbers

UNHCR says more than four million people have fled Syria since the conflict began. More than half of them are children.

War & Conflict

Peace hopes fade as Syrian army tightens grip on Aleppo

Government recaptures key towns from rebels, as doubts grow about a pause in fighting and humanitarian crisis worsens.

War & Conflict

Fighting rages in Syria's Aleppo amid ceasefire talks

Kurdish fighters say they captured an airbase near Turkish border, as world leaders meet to discuss peace process.

War & Conflict

Thousands head to Turkey fleeing Syrian offensive

Flight from northern Aleppo province's countryside prompted by government's success in breaking through rebel defences.

War & Conflict

Air strikes kill dozens in Syria's Aleppo

Residents suffering in besieged areas as Russian attacks intensify after peace talks break down.


Syrian teachers: We will teach despite air strikes

Students and teachers defy daily threat of violence as UNICEF says one in every four schools has been destroyed.

War & Conflict

Russian air strikes kill over 1,000 civilians in Syria

Russian air strikes in Syria have killed more civilians than ISIL fighters, results from monitoring groups indicate.

War & Conflict

US 'takes control' of Rmeilan airfield in Syria

Under a deal with Kurdish group, activists say US will use airfield to support fighters against ISIL in northern Syria.

War & Conflict

Russian strikes blamed for deaths in Syria's Raqqa

Activists say children among more than 40 killed in ISIL stronghold, a day after reports of massacre in Deir Az Zor.

War & Conflict

Assyrians and Kurds clash for first time in north Syria

Several fighters killed in clashes prompted by Assyrians' move to set up checkpoints in Qamishli in fear of ISIL.

War & Conflict

Scores killed in Russian air strikes in Syria's Idlib

At least 40 people killed in Saturday's strikes on Maarat al-Numaan town, Syria Civil Defence tells Al Jazeera.