Deborshi Chaki


Whistleblowing and India's giant corporations

The case of an employee speaking out against a major IT firm has triggered calls for tougher legislation.


Time ticking for India's Jarawa tribe

The Jarawa tribe in India's Andaman islands face extinction as poaching and tourism threaten their survival.

In Depth

Why onions bring tears to Indian eyes

Onions become political hot potatoes as prices soar and ruling governments feel the heat.


Rising stock of India's polarising politician

Voters unhappy with corruption scandals and economic slowdown appear receptive to Narendra Modi's political pitch.

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From $1 to $200m: An Indian success story

Indian cooperative selling papad grows into hugely successful brand, decades after having very modest start.

Business & Economy

Skyrocketing India CEO salaries under scanner

Decision by country's richest man to forego millions in a salary hike has some questioning if others should follow suit.

Business & Economy

Indian Ponzi scheme pushes many to penury

Investors angry with regulators as thousands stand to lose their savings after firm stopped honouring redemptions.

Business & Economy

Indian gold rush amid plummeting prices

With prices crashing, there is frenzied buying ahead of a festival deemed auspicious for investment by many Hindus.