DC Dispatches


No apology from Obama for Hiroshima

Many are expecting Obama to apologise for atomic bomb during historic visit, but the White House says it won't happen.


US prepares skies to track recreational drones

New online registration system to track the use of recreational drones criticised by some.


Assault weapons bill returns to US Congress

Following latest California mass shooting, Democrats introduce legislation to House which would ban military-style guns.


Trump's Israel comments irk Jewish donors

Republican questions Israel's commitment to peace and refuses to endorse Jerusalem as the nation's undivided capital.

US & Canada

US 'terror' arrests at highest level since 9/11

At least 56 people arrested this year on charges related to their attempts to join or aid ISIL, a new report has found.


Genetically engineered salmon faces upstream battle

Despite approval from safety regulators, major US retailers are reluctant to put the fish on their shelves.


Holocaust Museum to US: Don't turn away Syrian refugees

Museum expresses concern over refugee crisis, calls politicians to "not turn" their backs on Syrians fleeing conflict.


Jeb Bush wants to 'fix it'

US presidential candidate Jeb Bush launches a "Jeb Can Fix It" tour of key voting states.


Nuclear weapons issue spoils Sharif's trip to the US

Pakistan PM indicates his country has no plan to slow down nuclear programme, causing problems with the White House.


Bush versus Trump

Analyst say GOP candidate Trump's comments against ex-President George W Bush might actually help his brother Jeb Bush.


Secret service leaked US Congressman's private data

Members of the Secret Service have accessed the agency's database at least 60 times, Homeland Security have said.

War & Conflict

Cutting ISIL's money supply

Cutting off the group's ties to the global financial system is as important to fighting ISIL militarily, the US says.