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Latin America

Brazil artists turn former government building into artistic hub

Empty and derelict, the site was wasted until 300 painters, sculptors, circus performers and musicians moved in, transforming it into an artistic hub.

Latin America

Argentina: Former President Kirchner launches new party

The former president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, has reappeared on the political scene more than a year and a half after her party was defeated in elections. She held a rally the capital Buenos Aires where she launched a new party.

Latin America

Argentina's indigenous march for lost land

Most of Argentina's indigenous community was wiped out by war and disease by the end of the 19th century. Those who survived say they have been pushed to marginal land in forgotten corners of the country.

Latin America

Argentina floods damage homes in south

Southern Argentina has been hit by more rain in the past few days than the region has seen in several years. The downpour has caused mudslides that have damaged homes.

Latin America

Ecuadorian voters seek economic change under new president

People in Ecuador are voting in the second and final round of elections for a new president to replace incumbent Rafael Correa, who has been in power for 10 years.

Latin America

Anger in Brazil over plan to raise retirement age

There have been protests across Brazil against the government's plan to raise the retirement age to 65. Brazil has an ageing population and a generous pension scheme that the government says it can no longer afford.

Latin America

Brazil canals to bring relief to drought-hit regions

Brazil is hoping that a $3bn water project will quench the thirst of regions hit by drought. Two canals are diverting water from South America's fourth-longest river to reservoirs and lakes in the northeast.

Latin America

Slums residents of Argentina’s capital fighting for change

The sprawling shantytowns in Argentina's capital are seen by outsiders as no-go zones, largely run by drug gangs and other criminal rings. In fact, even emergency services stay away. So residents are doing things for themselves.

Latin America

Manaus residents live in fear after prison breaks

About 100 inmates remain on the run after violent jail breaks triggered by gang rivalry in northern Brazil.


Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis

Bolivia teams up with traditional healers to help diabetics who are cautious of modern medicine.


Brazil politics: Evangelical church expands influence

Stress on "traditional values" and "adherence to Bible" as people search for new direction in scandal-stricken country.

Latin America

Brazil teenage girl raped by 30 men speaks out

Sixteen-year-old victim of attack, which was filmed and posted online, recounts ordeal as police chief takes over case.