Creede Newton

United States

Police violence against Native Americans in Arizona

We explore systemic violence in Arizona where the highest number of Native Americans were killed by police in 2016.

Syria's Civil War

Syrians in Washington call for Bashar al-Assad's ouster

Activists welcome US President Donald Trump's decision to strike Syrian targets after suspected chemical attack.


Afghan who served US military detained by ICE

Calls for end of three-week detention of 'Abdul' who worked with American forces in Afghanistan and holds a valid visa.


Travel ban: US 'not the safe place it once was'

People living in fear of detainment and deportation fleeing across the northern border to Canada at an increased rate.

Human Rights

New Hampshire struggles with sanctuary cities

Two cities stop short of becoming haven for undocumented migrants to avoid losing federal funds after Trump's order.

Democratic Party

Samuel Ronan: Democrats ignored working class for years

Samuel Ronan, who is running for DNC chair, hopes to revive party grappling with a post-election identity crisis.

Human Rights

Protests over detention of immigrants across US

Detentions of undocumented migrants seen as culmination of big shift in the US policy since January 25 executive order.


Republican calls CAIR a Hamas-linked 'terrorist group'

Congressional candidate hits out at CAIR amid growing 'witch-hunt' of Muslim groups and rising Islamophobic attacks.

Human Rights

Protests grow as Texas moves against 'sanctuary' cities

Governor cuts funding to law enforcement to penalise Austin, a 'sanctuary' city offering safety to the undocumented.


Americans raise $600,000 to rebuild burned Texas mosque

Though it is unclear how the mosque caught fire, an online fundraiser seeks to raise $850,000 to rebuild Islamic centre.

Human Rights

Indigenous tribes: Arizona road a threat to sacred land

Legal battle over Arizona highway heats up just days after US President Donald Trump approves controversial pipeline.

US Elections 2016

Trump victory: What now for the far-right movement?

US system of checks and balances has a moderating effect. "Trump will have to work with Congress and the Supreme Court."