Charles McDermid


Malaysia opposition at crossroads after loss

Failure to unseat country's ruling coalition raises questions about future role of opposition heavyweight Anwar Ibrahim.


Election casts spell on streets of Malaysia

Both sides of Malaysia's polarised political divide feel confident of election victory.


Malaysia’s Barisan launches pre-ballot blitz

Ruling coalition and Prime Minister Najib Razak launch populist counter-attack in opposition-held areas ahead of vote.


The black eye of Malaysian scandal politics

Like the polls themselves, determining whether "scandal fatigue" will manifest at the ballot box is too close to call.


US 'shock and audit' over Iraq expenses

Unsparing analysis of $60bn spent 'rebuilding' Iraq lays bare the waste trail that may lead all the way to Afghanistan.


Ancient aqueducts give Iraq a trickle of hope

A millennia-old labyrinth of underground canals may help solve the Middle East's water crisis, say experts.


Will Obama’s big DNC bash be enough?

A partisan lovefest and Republican smackdown, Democrats still may not have given the president the momentum he needs.


US Latinos want more from Obama

False hope and no immigration reform leave king-making Latino community dissatisfied, but stuck with the president.


DNC exposes US labour pains

Union leaders gather away from Democratic convention to voice concerns over what they see as diminishing labour rights.


Obama longing for 2008 magic

Democrats try to rekindle voter passion in face of tightening polls, slack economy and apathy.