Caroline Malone


India: Five farmers shot dead during protest

Farmers in India are blocking highways as they demand change in the agriculture industry. Thousands of farmers commit suicide each year because of debt, poor crop yields, and competition from cheap imports.

Asia Pacific

How is it to commute in Pyongyang’s old metro trains?

People living in North Korea are largely cut off from the rest of the world. In the capital, Pyongyang, they use an energy-efficient public transport system which it's operating despite sanctions.

Asia Pacific

Malaysia releases Kim Jong-nam’s body to Pyongyang

Nam’s death lead to a diplomatic standoff between North Korea and Malaysia. But after weeks of negotiations, the two are putting their differences behind them. Al Jazeera’s Caroline Malone reports.


Somalia faces major cholera outbreak

The United Nations has raised alarm over a major outbreak of cholera in southern Somalia. Aid groups are already scrambling to help people suffering from severe drought and mass malnutrition.

Middle East

Yemen: At least 11 killed in attack on government compound

Suspected al-Qaeda fighters have attacked a government compound in Yemen's south. At least 11 people, including five attackers and six security personnel, were killed in al-Houta, the Lahj provincial capital.