Caroline Hellyer

War & Conflict

Soft approach to hardcore groups in Africa

Military operations aside, governments are seeking to counteract the growing appeal of violent groups at its roots.

War & Conflict

ISIL courts al-Shabab as al-Qaeda ties fade away

Recent ISIL communications show attempts to secure influence in East Africa - the stronghold of al-Shabab and al-Qaeda.


Russia returns to Africa amid increasing isolation

Using old Soviet connections, Uganda and Russia sealed an energy deal - the latest in a string of Moscow moves.


UN and DRC forces prepare for war

With surrender deadline expired, MONUSCO and Congolese army readies military operation against Hutu guerrillas.


Joseph Kabila: Losing his grip on power?

A series of deadly attacks have been linked to discontent in DR Congo's resource-rich Katanga province.


Uganda's heart of darkness

The Congolese army defeated the M23 fighters but their next target, Ugandan group ADF-NALU is a different challenge.