Caitlin McGee

Human Rights

New Zealand's relentless housing crisis

New Zealand now tops the IMF list of unaffordable places to live, hurting some communities more than others.

Human Rights

South Sudan: The deadly consequences of child marriage

Economic hardship and conflict fuel early and forced marriages for girls, a trend some hope to change through education.

Business & Economy

Controversial TPP pact signed amid New Zealand protests

Protesters highlight the deal's corporate agenda as 12 countries sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland.

War & Conflict

South Sudan: Boxing through barriers and conflict

A kickboxing gym in South Sudan strives to overcome tribal divisions in a country wracked by civil war.


'Unprecedented' malaria outbreak in South Sudan

Health workers struggle to contain a severe malaria outbreak as it stretches supplies across the country.

War & Conflict

Rebel leaders return to South Sudan pledging peace

Team of rebel delegates arrive in Juba promising to push ahead with the long-faltering peace plan.

Humanitarian crises

South Sudan: The complex factors of famine

Millions go hungry as El Nino, price hikes, and conflict combine to steer South Sudan towards starvation.

War & Conflict

South Sudan: 15,000 children recruited to fight

Rights groups call on warring sides to punish commanders who forcefully recruited children into the two-year civil war.

Asia Pacific

Pacific Rim free trade deal comes with high price

The United States is leading secret negotiations with 11 other countries over the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.