Burhan Wazir

US Elections 2016

Why Super Tuesday is so important

Super Tuesday is seen as a key turning point in most presidential campaigns and narrows the field.


Iran elections: What you need to know about key vote

As the Islamic Republic prepares to hold important nationwide elections, here is what you should know about them.


Why India's student protests keep growing

Arrest of student leader in Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University stirs unrest and divides opinion across the country.


US-ASEAN summit seeks to counter China's growth

Analysts say meeting in Southern California comes as US steps up efforts to counter China's influence in Southeast Asia.


India's relationship with Facebook and Free Basics

Regulators deal blow to Facebook's project aiming to bring free basic internet services to phone users in India.

Latin America

Why Obama has not closed Guantanamo

Two days after he was sworn in as president, Obama signed an executive order for a review of the cases of all detainees.

Paris Attacks

From Charlie Hebdo attacks to a state of emergency

Majority of raids have been conducted on Muslim homes, businesses and places of worship using emergency powers.


Delhi's cars and the odd-even formula

Indian capital starts trial where cars will only able to operate on alternate days, depending on their license numbers.