Ben Willers


Infographic: Ukraine's 2014 presidential elec

Explaining notable candidates, political parties, opinion polls and regional status votes


Infographic: The United Kingdom's tax havens

About one-fifth of the world's tax-free shelters are UK territories and crown dependencies.


Infographic: Choosing Iran's next president

As Iranian polls near, Al Jazeera explores the country's electoral system, candidates and ideological divisions.


Infographic: Showdown Malaysia

Election run-up reaches fever pitch ahead of May 5 polls, in country riven by ethnic and political splits.


Infographic: The Thatcher divide

As Britain prepares to bury the former prime minister, Al Jazeera looks at her foes and allies.


Infographic: Road to war on Korean Peninsula?

Timeline of recent events in Northeast Asia shows major increase in threats between Pyongyang and its adversaries.


Endangered species: Going, going, gone

Wildlife and plants under increasing threat due to illegal global trade, as 177 countries gather to discuss the problem.

Business & Economy

Infographic: Falling off the fiscal cliff

Unless US politicians can quickly reach a deal, automatic spending cuts and higher taxes could slow economic recovery.


Infographic: The politics of climate change

The positions of key countries and political blocs on climate change measures before the COP18 in Qatar.


Infographic: US campaign finances revealed

Breaking down the presidential candidates' fundraising and highlighting the explosion in outside spending by Super PACs.


Infographic: Inside the Republican convention

A look at the intricacies, speakers and costs of this week's Florida event, as party anoints US presidential candidate.


Infographic: The Syrian squeeze

Diamonds, weapons and oil are at the centre of a sanctions regime targeting the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.