Andy Gallacher

US Elections 2016

US elections 2016: Anger over new voter ID laws

People casting ballots are required to produce a government-issued photo ID, a move some say targets poor black voters.


US hunters given green light to target Burmese Pythons

Wildlife officials in Florida say uncontrolled population of pythons threatens the Everglades' delicate ecosystem.

Latin America

Puerto Rican families facing hardships in US

An estimated 1,000 Puerto Rican families a month are arriving in Florida due to the financial crisis back home.


'The sickest thing that has ever happened to Atlanta'

Judge angrily hands down lengthy prison terms for US educators found guilty in mass cheating scandal.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Bucking broncos at US jail rodeo

High security Louisiana prison promotes its annual rodeo for some of the state's most dangerous criminals.


An incomplete victory in El Salvador

Whoever wins run-off poll to become president of this impoverished, crime-plagued country will have a tough road ahead.


Beckham's football ambitions in Miami

David Beckham is expected to announce a return to football as he plans to launch a new MLS franchise in Miami.


Cold Case Killers

Locals in the deep south are trying to uncover the truth about race hate crimes committed in America's Civil Rights era.


Maduro the hero, or a tyrant in the making?

Venezuela's president has been granted new powers - can he use them for good, or are they destined for abuse?


Treacherous trip to Puerto Rico

US Coast Guard's stern warnings fail to deter Haitians and Dominicans from risking everything to make the crossing.


Trayvon exists in every American city

The acquittal of Trayvon Martin's killer has caused outrage in his Florida community


Return of Chavez is no sure thing

Even as Venezuela's president recovers from cancer surgery, the possibility of new elections loom