Andrew Thomas

After 11 years based in his native London, Andrew moved to Sydney with his Australian wife tasked with bringing all things Antipodean to Al Jazeera English. Since he started in December 2010, Andrew has covered a long line of natural disasters and the very human responses to each: the Christmas Island asylum boat sinking, the floods in Queensland and Victoria, the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand and the triple-whammy of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan. In London, Andrew worked for Channel 4 News and at the BBC's Newsnight.

Asia Pacific

Asylum seeker limbo as Manus Island refugee prison set to close

The Manus Island detention centre is set close by the end of October, but it is not clear where the men living there will go.

Asia Pacific

Papua New Guinea election sees more women running than ever

Papua New Guinea is three days into its national elections. The voting process will take two weeks because of the country's difficult terrain.

Asia Pacific

PNG election: O'Neill faces pressure over corruption allegations

Papua New Guinea's two-week general election has begun. Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is facing pressure over corruption allegations and a collapsing economy.

Asia Pacific

Papua New Guinea: Corruption allegations highlighted in elections

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says he believes he will be re-elected, but allegations of corruption, vote buying and poor handling of the economy have dogged him during the campaign.

Asia Pacific

Sydney Film Festival takes international stage

The Australian city of Sydney hosts one of the world's longest-running film festivals, which wraps up on Sunday.


VR films big hit at Sydney Film Festival

Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas finds out if 'virtual reality' could be the next stage in movie evolution at the Sydney Film Festival.


Film by refugee sheds light on Australian prison camps

One of the films at this year's Sydney Film Festival is a documentary about refugees sent to the remote Manus Island prison camp in Papua New Guinea by Australia's government. The twist is that the film was made by one of those refugees.

Latin America

World leaders condemn US withdrawal from Paris climate deal

World leaders have condemned US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull America out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Sydney.

Asia Pacific

Report: China's local brand power surpasses foreign firms

For the first time, local brands have more power in China than those of multinational firms, an annual marketing report says.

South Korea

First ‘bio-pay’ shop opens in South Korea

A company in South Korea has opened its first “bio-pay” shop where customers can pay for things with a scan of their hand. The technology is just one of many that the country is testing before rolling it out to the world.


Seoul: $50m walkway moves city away from car dependency

A new $50m walkway for pedestrians has opened in Seoul following a refurbishment of a busy motorway overpass.

Asia Pacific

Australia activist wins award for blocking mining company

Wendy Bowman, who has a farm in Australia's Hunter Valley, resisted financial incentives and legal pressures to prevent her land from being used by a giant coal mining company.