Andrew Thomas

After 11 years based in his native London, Andrew moved to Sydney with his Australian wife tasked with bringing all things Antipodean to Al Jazeera English. Since he started in December 2010, Andrew has covered a long line of natural disasters and the very human responses to each: the Christmas Island asylum boat sinking, the floods in Queensland and Victoria, the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand and the triple-whammy of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan. In London, Andrew worked for Channel 4 News and at the BBC's Newsnight.


Seoul: $50m walkway moves city away from car dependency

A new $50m walkway for pedestrians has opened in Seoul following a refurbishment of a busy motorway overpass.

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Australia activist wins award for blocking mining company

Wendy Bowman, who has a farm in Australia's Hunter Valley, resisted financial incentives and legal pressures to prevent her land from being used by a giant coal mining company.

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Australia to review Murray-Darling water distribution

Authorities considering reversing a water plan that protects supplies for communities and wildlife in southeast.

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Australia: Official apology issued for Granville train disaster, 40 years on

Survivors of Granville train disaster in Australia's New South Wales have finally been given an apology - 40 years after the disaster. However, some relatives believe that apologies for the faulty track have come much too late.

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Chinese cash in on hair extensions

Promoted by celebrities, hair extensions are high in demand and much of the human hair used to make them comes from China.

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English e-learning booming in China

Parents in China are eager for their children to learn English, which has increased the popularity of e-learning.

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China faces US pressure to isolate North Korea

The US wants China to punish North Korea by cutting all economic ties for its continuing missile tests.


Trump-Xi summit: A view from China

President Xi Jinping heads to Washington to meet Donald Trump, a leader who bashed China throughout his campaign.

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Xi-Trump summit set to focus on North Korea and trade

The Chinese president is due to meet his US counterpart in Florida on Thursday. Trade relations and South China Sea disputes will be high on the agenda, as will North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch.

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Australia to release report on 'racist' juvenile abuse

The Australian government is due to release its final report into alleged mistreatment of indigenous children in prisons in the Northern Territory.

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Australia bid to boost China beef exports amid Brazil row

Australia is seizing a chance to boost its beef exports in the wake of a meat scandal in Brazil. Its target is China, who suspended imports from Brazil. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas reports from Beijing.

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New Zealand makes efforts to curb meth use

The supply of methamphetamine to New Zealand is decreasing, but it's still leaving a stain on the country. People are being encouraged to test for drug contamination before renting or buying a home.