Ana Naomi de Sousa

Ana Naomi de Sousa is a filmmaker and journalist. She is the director of: Hacking Madrid; The Architecture of Violence; Guerrilla Architect; and Angola Birth of a Movement.

Human Rights

The Portuguese denied citizenship in their own country

Members of Afro-descendant communities, rendered 'foreigners' due to a discriminatory nationality law, are speaking up.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro's African legacy: Friendship and freedom

Analysis: Cuba's decades-long involvement in Africa has left a disputed and complicated legacy.


Between East and West: The Cold War's legacy in Africa

'Red Africa': From a generation of cinematographers to the end of apartheid - Africa, Cuba and the Soviet Union.

Human Rights

Angola launches crackdown amid plunging oil prices

By jailing a group of young activists, Angola's government has invited criticism of its rule - and its economic policy.