Ali Younes


Ahlam al-Tamimi: 'We only wanted freedom'

Al Jazeera speaks to freed Palestinian prisoner, wanted by the US for helping in a Jerusalem cafe bombing 16 years ago.

War & Conflict

Palestinian diaspora divided over right to return

Palestinians at Istanbul conference asserted the right of refugees to return to Palestine amid disagreements.


Palestinian diaspora creates new political entity

Conference organisers establish new group to represent diaspora communities and strive for greater Palestinian rights.

Middle East

Palestinian diaspora holds first global conference

Palestinians from 50 countries gather in Istanbul to discuss forming new political entity to represent their views.

War & Conflict

Palestine: Hamas elects new leader in uncertain time

Yahya Sinwar expected to act as bridge between Palestinian group's political leadership and its powerful armed wing.

Human Rights

Jordanian activists released after spy agency crackdown

Protesters arrested after criticising corruption and rising prices freed after weeks in detention.

Middle East

Chief judge quits over 'begging for Gulf money'

Ahmad Hilayel delivered a sermon in which he chastised Gulf leaders, demanding more financial assistance.


Jordan cracks down on activists over social media posts

Eight activists, including retired army generals and teachers, charged over anti-government statements.


Pro-reform group criticises arrests in Amman

Lawyers say activists held in 'political witch-hunt' but government justifies the arrests on grounds of incitement.

US Elections 2016

Black Americans fear racism, police violence post-Trump

Election of Republican who focused much of his campaign vilifying minority communities has made some Americans nervous.

US & Canada

Mixed reaction to Trump from prominent Muslim Americans

How do Muslim Americans feel about Trumps presidential victory?

US Elections 2016

Poor, southern, white and against Donald Trump

"In America, rich people get richer and poor people like us get poorer."