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Al-Aqsa Mosque

Five things you need to know about al-Aqsa

Amid growing tensions at al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Al Jazeera explains why the holy site is a flashpoint.

Turkey attempted coup

Turkey's failed coup attempt: All you need to know

An in-depth look at the key issues surrounding the deadly coup attempt that shook Turkey in July 2016.

Middle East

Expert discusses Egypt's military operation in Sinai

Al Jazeera's Middle East analyst Yehia Ghanem discusses attacks on the Egyptian soldiers in Sinai peninsula.


What are Israel's goals in West Africa?

Tel Aviv is on a charm offensive in West Africa, taking advantage of Arab absence to court ECOWAS states.


What is it like to live under President Sisi?

Since Sisi took office, Egypt has seen scores of activists arrested, more prisons built and ongoing economic turmoil.


Africa and the Gulf crisis: the peril of picking sides

Decisions by African states to take sides in the Gulf rift could have a long-term impact on citizens, analysts warn.

Middle East

GCC citizens launch petition to end Gulf crisis

Amid GCC rift, citizens across the region demand to be included in 'political decision-making process'.

Middle East

Timeline of Qatar-GCC disputes from 1991 to 2017

From border debates to hacking fallout, Gulf neighbours have hit a number of rough patches over the years.


The lonely pyramids of Giza: Egyptian tourism's decline

The recent Coptic church bombings could further damage the already crippled tourism sector in the country.


Who is Qatar's emir?

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani inherited power from his father in 2013.


Analysts: Leaks could threaten Emirati diplomacy

Leaked emails point to strong relationship between the UAE and think tanks closely allied to Israel.


Who benefits from a weak and divided Yemen?

A united Yemen is crucial to deter armed groups and organisations in the country.