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The lonely pyramids of Giza: Egyptian tourism's decline

The recent Coptic church bombings could further damage the already crippled tourism sector in the country.


Palestinian diaspora gathers for 'a common vision'

The meeting in Istanbul comes at a crucial time for the Palestinian national struggle.


A letter to my brother in Egyptian prison

As his trial finally begins, Ibrahim Halawa's sister describes the family's ongoing anguish.


Best of 2016 on Al Jazeera

Find out which were our most read stories from this year and which stories our editors liked the most.

Turkey attempted coup

Turkey's failed coup attempt: All you need to know

An in-depth look at the key issues surrounding the deadly coup attempt that shook Turkey in July 2016.

Battle for Aleppo

Syria war: Air raid hits children's hospital in Aleppo

Al Jazeera crew captures dramatic footage of attack as babies are rescued from incubators by panicked staff.


Who is affected by climate change, and how?

Some are affected by drought, others by extreme wet conditions, some by heat and others by harsh winters.


Climate change in pictures

The images that capture the consequences of our changing climate on the people most affected by it.

Wild Animals

Exclusive: Vietnam's 'double standards' in ivory trade

Al Jazeera Investigative Unit's report raises questions about Vietnam's commitment to tackle wildlife trafficking.

US Elections 2016

The view from Iraq: 'More death will fall upon us'

"It's ironic how citizens of one country choose their president and citizens of another country take the implications."

US Elections 2016

As America votes, a voice from Israel

"The Obama administration has put pressure on the Israeli government ... and Clinton promises more of the same."

US Elections 2016

As America votes, a voice from Yemen

"The American elections are being held while Yemen faces turmoil ... so most Yemenis have not been able to follow it."