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Middle East

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood came up frequently during the GCC rift. Here is a breakdown of the group's ideology and roots.


Dozens of US cities brace for anti-Muslim marches

Critics say the National March Against Sharia is organised by groups that promote hate speech against Muslims.

United States

US: Who is Sheriff David Clarke?

Controversial Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County says he will join Trump's Department of Homeland Security.

Middle East

Activist Husam-al Abdallat accused of defamation

Husam-al Abdallat arrested after a complaint was filed against him by two officials whom he accused of corruption.

Middle East

Battle for Libya: Key moments

Timeline of decisive battles and political developments in Libya's uprising against Muammar Gaddafi.

War & Conflict

Hamid Karzai: MOAB 'brutal act against innocent people'

Ex-Afghan President Hamid Karzai tells Al Jazeera US bomb reportedly targeting ISIL is a threat to Afghan sovereignty.


Egypt's Emergency Law Explained

The emergency measures grant broad powers to security forces as human rights situation continues to deteriorate.

Human Rights

Five death penalty cases to follow in the US this year

There are an estimated 2,905 people on death row in the US. Here are five particularly controversial cases.

Donald Trump

Protest at JFK airport over Trump's refugee ban

Protests planned at several more US airports as authorities block entry of migrants, including green card holders.

United States

United States Women's March on Washington

Largest anti-Trump marches in the United states by city.


Who represents the Palestinian people?

The political parties and groups advocating for the cause of Palestinian self-determination.


Islands of contention: Tiran and Sanafir

A tumultuous tale of two islands that span decades.