Amr Hamzawy


How Sisi is using the law as a tool to restore tyranny

The Judicial Bodies Law threatens the independence of judiciary turning it into an arena for expanding Sisi's powers.


How Sisi is destabilising Egypt

Egypt's new authoritarianism has exacerbated societal divisions by systematically propagating alternative facts.


Egypt campus: The students versus the regime

University campuses remain a site of opposition to the new authoritarianism and its policies.


The tragedy of Egypt's stolen revolution

Six years on, Egypt's new authoritarianism has utilised various tactics, including repression and judicial manipulation.


Egypt's anti protest law: Legalising authoritarianism

How the Egyptian regime used the law to crack down on opposition and isolate voices of dissent.

Middle East

The Arab world needs a new social contract

Is the Arab world back to square one after all the sacrifices it has made since 2011?