Ezz Zanoun


Life in the darkness of Gaza's power crisis

Palestinians in the besieged territory are receiving just a few hours of electricity a day.

Middle East

Mass protests on Gaza's borders over electricity crisis

Palestinians in besieged Gaza Strip protest at borders with Israel as rights groups warn of growing humanitarian crisis.

Middle East

Thousands attend Gaza funeral of slain Hamas official

Palestinians poured into the streets on Saturday for the funeral of Mazen Faqha.

Human Rights

Protests erupt in Gaza as electricity crisis deepens

In many areas, Palestinians received only three hours of electricity at a time, punctuated by 12-hour blackouts.

Middle East

Nakba survivors share their stories of loss and hope

Three Palestinian refugees share their stories of displacement, loss and hope to return to their villages.


Factions trade blame after Gaza children burn to death

Three siblings were burned alive after their home was set ablaze by candles the family used due to electricity crisis.

War & Conflict

Palestinians remember killed Italian activist in Gaza

Prominent Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni was kidnapped and killed five years ago.

War & Conflict

Gaza border opening raises Palestinians' hopes

Thousands cross into or out of besieged territory through Rafah crossing after two months of closed borders.

Humanitarian crises

Palestinians in Gaza mass for rare Rafah border opening

Hundreds with urgent needs cross into Egypt from besieged Gaza Strip, as border opens for first time in two months.

War & Conflict

Scores of Palestinians injured in Gaza and West Bank

Israeli forces shoot and wound hundreds of Palestinian protesters as they mark another "Day of Rage".

Middle East

'All options are open': Will Gaza join the uprising?

Gaza remains defiant in the face of violent Israeli crackdown on protesters.

War & Conflict

'Until the last breath': Gaza protests on border

Palestinians protesting against Israel say they will not back down, even after several people are killed.