A series of blasts in Iraq, including one by a suicide bomber have killed at least 17 people and dozens more wounded. 

Tuesday's attacks struck an Iraqi army checkpoint south of Baghdad, a military base north of the capital and a mostly Shiite neighbourhood in north Baghdad, according to police officials. 

Seven people were killed and at least 24 wounded when a car bomb was detonated near an army camp oin the town of Taji, 25 kilometres north of Baghdad. 

A suicide attack at the army checkpoint in the town of Mahmudiyah, 30 kilometres south of Baghdad, killed five and wounding 14 including four soldiers. 

Another car bomb exploded near a market in the north Baghdad neighbourhood of Shula, killing five people and wounding 13. 

No one has claimed responsibility. 

The string of attacks come five days after an al-Qaeda linked group called the Islamic State of Iraq launched attacks across the country killing 88 people. 

Source: Agencies