Man held over killing of Iraqi-origin family

Suspect, 54, detained at address close to the home of murdered family, with media reporting he is brother of victim.

    Man held over killing of Iraqi-origin family
    Friends of the Surrey-based family were struck with grief after the murder last year [EPA]

    Police in Britain have arrested a man on suspicion of conspiracy to murder a British family of Iraqi origin killed in southern France last year.

    "The 54-year-old man was detained at an address in Chessington, Surrey ... and is currently in police custody where he will be interviewed," police said in a statement.

    There were no further details of the suspect.

    Some British media reported, however, that the suspect is the victim's brother.

    One survivor

    Husband and wife Saad and Ikbal Al-Hilli, also from the county of Surrey, in southern England, were killed in September 2012, along with Ikbal's mother, Suhaila al-Allaf.

    They were found a remote mountain road near the French town of Annecy, close to the Swiss and Italian borders.

    Their deaths prompted a joint murder investigation between British and French authorities.

    A French cyclist, Sylvain Mollier, was also found dead near the scene.

    The pair's four-year-old daughter survived the attack, spending several hours cowered among the bodies of her dead parents and grandmother.

    The couple have one more daughter; both are currently in the care of a foster family.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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