British men face bomb plot retrial

Prosecutors seek retrial of seven men accused of plotting liquid bomb explosions.

    All the men deny planning to bring down transatlantic planes [AP]

    Britain's Crown Prosecution Service said the seven men should face a retrial on every count the jury had failed to agree on.

    Sir Ken Macdonald QC, the director of public prosecutions, said: "I have today concluded that the prosecution should apply to retry each of these defendants on every count that the recently discharged jury failed to agree upon.

    "This will include a count that each defendant conspired to detonate improvised explosive devices on transatlantic passenger aircraft. We shall be returning to court to make this application in due course."

    Thousands of international flights from London were affected and liquids were banned from aircraft in 2006 after British police claimed they had uncovered a plot to blow up planes midway across the Atlantic.


    SOURCE: Agencies


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