Heavy rains trigger deadly landslide in China

Eight dead and 24 others missing as torrential rains lash across country damaging properties worth millions of dollars.

    Heavy rains trigger deadly landslide in China
    China has been hit by heavy rainfall and flooding over the last few weeks [Reuters File Photo]

    Heavy rainfall across China has triggered floods and landslides, killing at least eight people and leaving 24 others missing, state media has reported.

    State television CCTV reported on Tuesday that at least 11 coal miners are also missing in Yunyang county, who were buried by a landslide a day before.

    About 27 miners were in a four-story dormitory building when the landslide hit. Fifteen of them managed to escape, but the rest were buried in a mine shaft, where they had been taking shelter, CCTV said.

    One miner was rescued and sent to a local hospital where he remained in stable condition, the report added.

    More than 500 rescue workers, including firefighters and police, have evacuated 7,000 residents in nine rain-drenched townships in Yunyang county to safe locations, official Xinhua news agency reported, quoting local officials.

    In Yunyang alone, the state news agency Xinhua estimated the economic losses at $11m.

    Torrential rain started to pound north-eastern parts of Chongqing on Sunday.

    Rainstorms also caused landslides and massive flooding in Wuxi and Fengjie county, disrupting traffic, and forcing thousands to flee their homes, CCTV said.

    More rain was expected to hit the region on Tuesday, CCTV said, citing meteorological authorities.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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