Hong Kong police disperse pro-democracy group
Chinese official visiting financial hub heckled by pro-democracy lawmakers and activists who demand full democracy.
Man stabs three children and teacher to death in school that reportedly denied his daughter admission.
Missile reportedly launched towards Sea of Japan amid high military tension between North and South Korea.
Figures extrapolated from last census in 1983 estimated population at 60 million, but new count finds only 51.4 million.
Electoral framework allows direct elections in 2017, but rules out direct nomination of candidates by voters.
Beijing warns against foreign interference ahead of expected move to restrict democratic choice in autonomous territory.
Judith Collins, known as 'Crusher' to her detractors, resigns after journalist reveals ties to a controversial blogger.
Hit by double passenger jet disasters in a year, airline also delists from stock exchange as it seeks to revive brand.
Anti-corruption police raid homes of Jimmy Lai and his aide days before Beijing decides on key voting reform in region.
Airline seeks to reassure investors as it writes down $2.4bn for past year due to company restructuring.
Fresh information suggests Malaysia Airlines plane "may have turned south" earlier than thought, changing search area.
29 Aug 2014 07:33 GMT
What drives single mothers in South Korea to abandon their babies?
29 Aug 2014 19:02 GMT
The carrier announces financial losses and job cuts as it strives to recover from two passenger jet disasters.
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