Alarm over surge in HIV cases in Cambodia
Police questioning unlicensed doctor after more than 100 cases of HIV reported in Battambang community in one week.
Ding Shumiao said to have taken $322m to set up 57 rail projects for senior official jailed for corruption.
Crowds gather in the city's business district where three people, including hostage-taker, died in police operation.
Anti-Islamaphobia campaign trends globally in solidarity with Muslims after cafe standoff raised fears of reprisal.
Ruling coalition keeps two-thirds majority in vote dubbed referendum on prime minister's strategy for reviving economy.
At least 32 people dead and more than 80 people missing after disaster in Central Java blamed on torrential rains.
At least three dead and three injured as kindergarten collapses in north of the country, official news agency reports.
Wife of Thailand's crown prince relinquishes royal title after members of her family were detained over corruption.
President Xi Jinping leads ceremony remembering tens of thousands of Chinese killed by Japanese troops in 1937.
Main financial backer of pro-democracy movement, Jimmy Lai steps down as editor of popular newspaper after crackdown.
Authorities make arrests as protesters continue with sit-ins, defying police-issued deadlines to disperse.
29 Sep 2014 20:00 GMT
Taiwan's president shares his views on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong and China's role in the world.
29 Aug 2014 07:33 GMT
What drives single mothers in South Korea to abandon their babies?
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