China rejects Taiwan breach of airspace claim
Two Chinese military jets performed "routine flight" and left without incident, says China's defence ministry.
At least five killed and five others reportedly missing as torrential rains pour in southern Korea.
Billionaire lawmaker Clive Palmer tells Beijing that he regrets referring to Chinese government as "bastards".
President Mugabe visits China to strengthen old ties and seek more investment in Zimbabwe's stagnant economy.
General Prayuth Chan-ocha promises to carry out extensive reforms following army coup which overthrew government in May.
Organiser of informal poll to gauge support for direct elections says arrests are "serious violation of human rights".
WHO says epidemic has affected an "unprecedented number of medical staff" in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.
Eight people accused of being involved in series of attacks in Beijing and restive Xinjiang region put to death.
Search and rescue operation halted at dawn on Sunday as fresh rain raised concerns about more landslides.
Police prevent Beijing Independent Film Festival from opening, seizing documents and films.
Malaysia Airlines plane bound for Japan forced to return to Kuala Lumpur due to pressure problems inside the aircraft.
31 May 2014 13:33 GMT
Yingluck Shinawatra resisted street protests for months, but a court has ordered her out of power.
04 May 2014 20:26 GMT
Premier Li Keqiang shrugs off problems as "growing pains" and says relationship is based on equality and mutual benefit.
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