An original painting which may be the work of French Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir has been discovered in the US state of Virginia.

The painting was bought by a woman as part of a box lot that included a doll and a plastic cow, and cost about $50 at a flea market.

Experts believe it is "Paysage Bords De Seine", one of Renoir's river scenes along the Seine river.

Anee Craner, Director of Fine Arts from Potomack Company told Al Jazeera: "The lady brought it in, she was very excited, but she didn't know. She opened up the bag and straight away it just looked right. I mean it's the color, it's the vibrant color, it's the pinks and the purples. Renoir is known for his rapid brush strokes"

The painting is expected to be worth up to $100,000, much more than the meagre price the woman purchased it for.

It is now set to be auctioned off on September 29 in Alexandria.

The painting is thought to have been purchased from a Paris gallery in 1926, and has now been rediscovered.

A Renoir plaque on the frame prompted the woman to have it analysed by a local auction house.

Source: Agencies