Several wounded in South Africa mine shooting

At least 13 mine workers injured after security guards open fire on rival unions clashing near town of Rustenberg.

    Several wounded in South Africa mine shooting

    Several people have been shot and injured as miners from rival unions clashed at an Anglo American Platinum mine in South Africa, police have said.

    Spokesman Brig Thulani Ngubane said on Monday he did not know how many people were shot or injured by sharp objects or if anyone died in the day's confrontation.

    He said those involved were members of the National Union of Mineworkers, an upstart challenger of the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union, as well as mine security guards.

    Sources told Al Jazeera that five people were shot at and at least 13 others were wounded in the incident at the Siphumelele mine, close to the town of Rustenberg.

    No immediate comment was available from Anglo American Platinum mine, world's largest platinum producer.

    Rivalry between the two unions led to violent and prolonged strikes last year that killed scores of people at a Lonmin platinum mine, culminating in the police shooting of 34 strikers that shocked the nation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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