Two people have been killed and several more are still missing after torrential rain triggered flooding in central Vietnam.

Witnesses told Reuters news agency that the flood water rose to two metres in parts of the neighbouring provinces of Ha Tinh and Quang Binh.

About 30,000 students were ordered to stay at home for their own safety and thousands of structures are still remain underwater.

The rain turned heavy on the last day of October and continued relentlessly for 48 hours.

The city of Ha Tinh was hit by 297mm of rain in this period, and the city of Dong Hoi in Quang Binh saw 248mm. Both deluges held more rain than these cities would normally expect in the entire month of November.

The flooding is the second time in two weeks that the region has been inundated.

The previous downpours in mid-October killed 15 people and left tens of thousands homeless.

More heavy showers are expected in the next few days.

Additional reporting by Steff Gaulter

Source: Al Jazeera And Agencies