Norway probes child sex abuse cases at refugee centres

Several abuse cases reported in Norway as Sweden detains 14 over alleged plot to attack asylum-seeker shelters.

    Norway probes child sex abuse cases at refugee centres
    Norwegian police did not provide specific figures, but said the abuse cases were reported to authorities last year [EPA]

    Norwegian police say they are investigating "several" cases of children suffering from sexual abuse at asylum-seekers' reception centres in the country.

    Axel Wilhelm Due, from the National Criminal Investigation Services, told The Associated Press news agency on Tuesday that the abuse cases were reported to authorities towards the end of last year, without providing specific figures.

    The incidents included abuse by known sex offenders visiting the reception centres, as well as residents of the centres, Due said.

    Sweden: Arrests and scuffles after anti-refugee rampage

    "We are looking very seriously at every individual case and, based on our information, it's very likely that children living in reception centres in Norway have been and are being subjected to sexual abuse," he said.

    "But generally there is low criminal activity in and around the reception centres."

    Due said that police would not provide details about the alleged cases at this stage.

    Last year, more than 31,000 people applied for asylum in Norway, of whom 5,300 were unaccompanied minors.

    Sweden attack plot

    In a separate development concerning asylum seekers in neighbouring Sweden, police said that they have arrested 14 men on suspicion of preparing attacks on an asylum-seekers centre near the capital Stockholm.

    Various weapons, but no firearms, were found in cars during the arrests on Monday in Nynashamn, 60km south of Stockholm, police spokesman Lars Bystrom said.

    The arrests come amid increasing opposition to immigrants and reports of attacks against refugee centres in the Scandinavian country, which saw 163,000 refugee and migrant arrivals last year.

    READ MORE: Sweden criticised over plans to expel asylum seekers

    Previously known for its generous immigration policies welcoming refugees fleeing war and persecution, the Social Democratic-led government reversed course late last year by tightening border controls and immigration regulations.

    About two weeks ago, the Swedish government said that it may expel as many as 80,000 refugees and migrants whose applications for asylum are expected to be rejected.

    The European Commission voiced support for Sweden's announcement, with a spokesperson saying member states have an obligation to return people who lack grounds for asylum.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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