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Freed activist Mohamed Soltan, who was on hunger strike for more than 400 days in protest against his detention in Egypt, has arrived in his home country, the US.

Al Jazeera learned that Soltan arrived on Sunday with a US consulate official and medical staff.

Soltan, a 27-year-old US-Egyptian dual citizen and human rights activist, was arrested in September 2013 when police was searching for his father, a senior member of the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.

Last month, Soltan was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly supporting the group, a verdict his family challenges, saying that there was no evidence against him.

A website calling for his release also said he was not a member of the Brotherhood, describing him as a US-educated peace activist who was involved in youth events and charities.

The website shows pictures of him lying emaciated on a stretcher while in detention.

Source: Al Jazeera