Zillah Eisenstein


Justice for one billion voices

A global movement is needed to end violence against women.

US & Canada

Putin's homophobic nationalism

Putin's right-wing rhetoric, demonising homosexuals and feminists is an attempt to stimulate his waning popularity.


The lie of 'women and children'

Arguments made by US leaders in support of intervening in Syria are patriarchal and misogynist.

US & Canada

Whistleblowing on wars and genders

Manning has initiated a rare moment of opportunity that makes mainstream silence a bit more difficult.


Burqas and empire, again

Women's rights doesn't justify invading Afghanistan, and shouldn't be launched in the name of imperial democracy again.


What's going on? Sex and coups and democracies in Egypt

Egypt's revolutionary moment must not be rewritten by critics who are invested in their own power, writes author.

US & Canada

The structural problem of misogyny

New feminism should stand together with the new proletariats against female exploitation and violence.


Breast cancer, Hollywood style

Breast cancer is often triggered by external factors, so perhaps the best prevention is a healthy world.


Whose terror, whose pain?

A society being consumed in a single narrative is detrimental in a variety of ways.

US & Canada

Feminisms, unchained

There is a need to revolutionise reforms rather than reform revolutionary commitments, writes Eisenstein.

US & Canada

"Leaning in" in Iraq: Women's rights and war?

After the ten year mark, women in Iraq are left to fend for themselves.


International Women's Day: New challenges ahead

Women are bound together by what they share, and also often "pulled apart by their differences", writes Eisenstein.