Vito Laterza

Vito Laterza is a research fellow in the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. He is an anthropologist and political analyst focusing on politics, economy and society in sub-Saharan Africa.


Neoliberalism, big capital and the Zambian crisis

Zambia's main problem is foreign control of its national resources.


Zambia: Democratic victory or vote snatching?

In a country known for peaceful politics and national unity, there is a real danger of escalating conflict.


Swaziland: liberal democracy and its discontents

Swazis want reform, but do they want a multi-party system?


Italy's new government and the perpetuation of minority rule

The alliance between the Democrats and their archenemy Berlusconi is another symptom of the country's deepening crisis.


Technocracy's new bet: Mario Monti runs for premiership

The rationale of Monti's proposals in Italy is "not so different from Cameron's austerity programme in the UK".


Innocence of Muslims: How fiction creates reality

We live in a world where the cultural production of symbols shapes who we are, what we do in our lives, writes Laterza.