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Russia is part of the solution and the problem

Heightened tension between Russia and the West suggests we're inching towards a new Cold War - can it be averted?

War & Conflict

What happens to the Caucasus when Russia stumbles

Russia's weakening status will have a major economic and political impact on the divided and fragmen


Kissinger's lessons for today's policymakers

Henry Kissinger’s prescription for global woes remains the same - more realism, less idealism.


Scotland and other nation-states that would be

What will be the impact of the Scottish experience on other nations with self-determination aspirati


Islamic State: Common enemy of the Levant

Friends and foes must set aside their differences - even if temporarily - to drive out the Islamic State group.

War & Conflict

Will Armenia and Azerbaijan reach a negotiated solution?

Fighting in Ukraine, and Russia-West rivalries complicate a resolution to the Nagorno-Karabkh confli


Excluding Hamas is a mistake

Israel should stop demonising Hamas and start adopting a more inclusive approach.


Conquering Russia and the 'heartland'

What happens when US moralistic interventionism collides with Russian imperial inertia?


Iraq, Syria and the 'multilateral moment'

If there were ever a moment for the UN to step up to the plate in the Middle East, this is it.


Iran and Turkey: Unlikely duo amid regional turmoil

Cooperation between Turkey and Iran is critical for the resolution of persisting conflicts in the Middle East.


Syria's vote and the will of neighbouring countries

What's most telling about the election is not how it turned out in Syria, but the way Assad fared in Lebanon and Jordan.

US & Canada

Is Russia reviving its empire?

Pundits are missing the point in their analyses of events in and around Ukraine. Things are simpler than they appear.