Trevor Timm


Bradley Manning's trial threatens the rights of all future whistleblowers

Whether you agree or not with Manning leaking documents to WikiLeaks, the arguments against him are alarming.


The DNC was a win for Obama, but a loss for civil liberties

The official kick-off to the President's re-election campaign whitewashed his previous promises, writes author.

Science & Technology

The UK government's war on internet freedom

Censorship and surveillance proposals would put the UK's approach to internet freedom on par with authoritarian regimes.


WikiLeaks, whistleblowers and wars

The crackdown on whistleblowers is a study in contradictions, hurting both press freedom and foreign policy decisions.

Arts & Culture

The answer to piracy is innovation, not more copyright laws

New ideas about how to distribute content while being user-friendly and setting low fee are the way forward.


Bradley Manning and the miscarriage of justice

Alleged WikiLeaker faces life in prison despite US admissions that the disclosures caused no national security damage.


Drones: A deeply unsettling future

The rapid expansion of a drone arms race has emerged both domestically and abroad, leaving everyone vulnerable.

Science & Technology

US State Department not for internet freedom

The SOPA bill will help private companies cut off internet sites only to protect their profits.